Distracted Mongrel

A Distracted Mongrel from Onslaught.

Distracted Mongrels
are Necro Minions from Nocturna. They usually appear in packs and attack the heroes by biting and scratching. Every once in a while, they are distracted by something from battle, hence the name.


Distracted mongrels dwell inside mobile interdimensional portals. Their skeletons exist inside our visible, four-dimensional universe, while their remaining organs dwell inside the necrocosmic universe.

With their ghastly appearance, mongrels terrify their victims from afar or near, and at close range inflict devastating physical damage on their foes. But they are strangely observant predators, evaluating the injury they cause after every few seconds before deciding whether to resume their assault.


As they often become distracted in battle it's easy to pick'em off. That's enough of a strategy for these enemies.
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In-game Onslaught variant of a Distracted Mongrel.


  • They have an elongated version of Skar's head (like Zrin's Pain Hounds).
    Darkspore Tork2

    Distracted Mongrels along with a Carrion Shambler (all in early designs) fall asleep at the hands of Tork's Sleeping Cloud.

  • Their name is a reference to both their canine appearance and distraction in battle.
  • On, they are titled 'Heedless Mongrels', but this name is used on the invasion variant of the Distracted Mongrel.
  • The Distracted Mongrels have been first seen in a video from Help E-DNA featuring Tork's Toxic Spores and Sleeping Cloud.
  • Their sounds of death are like sounds of a canine (dogs\wolves) or meerkats (african mongooses).
  • Despite their lore, Distracted Mongrels never terrify heroes.