A Dimensionist from Onslaught.

  • Onslaught Variant: Dimensionist
  • Apocalypse Variant: Particle Dimensionist

Dimensionists are humaniod Quantum Lieutenants from Zelem's Nexus. They create large time bubbles which slow down heroes and projectiles that enter them. Dimensionists will also warp comets from space to try and crush their foes.


Some claim the dimensionists are mutants who asceneded to the stars from the teleportational network of Zelem's Nexus; others say they're the miraculous survivors of a plunge into singularity. Whatever their origin, dimensionists generate trimensional bubbles that decelerate life-forms and projectiles that enter them. Their temporal powers affect spatial dimensions also, allowing them to direct meteors to crush any targets.


Dimensionists aren't the worst lieutenants out there, but they can be a problem, especially if there's more than one and they're close together. Their time bubbles can prevent Sentinels and Ravagers from reaching them fast enough, and even Tempests might take a long time killing them because the time bubble slows down projectiles as well. Worst of all, they can warp down powerful comets to the surface dealing AoE physical damage. But keep in eye out, because they raises one hand in the air before they do so.

Fortunately, they attack every now and then and stop to mock you, giving you the chance to attack them before they bring down another meteor or create another bubble. As confident and boastful as they, Dimensionists can be finished-off fairly quickly with a targeted AoE (i.e Sage's Strangling Briars, Char's Fiery Eruption). Heroes' pets are also good agaiant them, because the dimensionists are so focused on the play that they ignore the pets. Another tactic is to run away and lure the dimensionists out of their time bubbles, which makes them easy-pickings for Ravager and Sentinel.


  • Unlike most Darkspore, Dimensionists have quite a personality, with their constantly taunting and laughing at heroes.
    • They also seem to have a simple vocabulary, sometimes uttering words like "Chicken"
  • Their attacks are nearly identical to the Time Bubble and Celestial Comet quantum variant abilities, however their comets do not knock-back.

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