Delphi, the Chieftain (Onslaught)

Delphi, the Chieftain

Delphi, the Chieftain is a Bio Captain in Darkspore. He is encountered on Verdanth's Shrouded Marsh. He is a gigantic Mending Tanglid, a kind of Bio Lieutenant, that has a Spiky and Spiky Aura, so fighting this captain with a Sentinel or a Ravager isn't brightest idea.


Since he has the Spiky affix and he roots heroes, it wouldn't be very good to use melee heroes against him. But most ranged heroes can't really hit him properly, since he can root them in place. Good heroes would be Meditron and SRS-42, since they have homing attacks to shoot Delphi if they're rooted, and Char can cause Delphi to ignite no matter where he is. Meditron's Syndrome Shift would also be good here, because it will be able to root Delphi with his own ability. A team with both of the listed Cyber heroes would be excellent as well. When Meditron roots Delphi, SRS can fire his Missile Barrage and kill him quickly. Blitz and Vex, despite being melee heroes, can teleport out of the roots and disable Delphi, while they destroy him with their abilities. Blitz Beta and Gamma, as well as Vex Gamma, can disable Delphi even more. Blitz Beta can Ride the Lightning to Delphi, stunning him, then summon a meteor to stun him again. Blitz Gamma can use a similar tactic with Webbed Lightning. Vex Gamma can't chain-stun Delphi, but he can Freeze him in time, then knock him back.


  • Delphi has the same Affixes as Mizod, the Life Leech.
  • Delphi is distinguishable from Mending Tanglids by his size, a different texture and the armor pieces on his upper back.
  • Delphi, of all Onslaught Bio Captains is differing most from his smaller Lieutenant Counterparts.

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