Contagion, the Deadly Epidemic (Onslaught)

Contagion, the Deadly Epidemic (in-game)


Contagion's .PNG image

"Contagion, the Deadly Epidemic" is a Bio Captain encountered in the Onslaught Mode boss-pit of Verdanth's Whispering Forest sector.

He is a kind of Botanical Tunneler, and has two affixes:

  • Unstoppable
  • Unstoppable Aura

This means Contagion and his nearby allies are immune to Stuns, Terrifies, Sleeps, and Suppressions.


For strategy, see the Botanical Tunneler article.


  • Contagion's name and title are obviously references to his abilities as a Botanical Tunneler. However, despite the fact Botanical Tunnelers poison in an AoE, that poison does not spread. So the words 'Contagion' and 'Epidemic' seem more fitting for an enemy that inflicts diseases, which do spread.
  • An error causes the 'Elite' prefix to be added to Contagion's name and title, displaying as "Elite Contagion, the Deadly Epidemic". (This is incorrect, because Captains aren't technically Elites).

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