For more information, see the 'Magmatic Brute' article.

Cinders are brown, tripedal, and relatively large Plasma Minions. They are one of the two "drones" spawned by Magmatic Brutes.

Cinders attack with a channeled cone that deals heavy periodic damage in an AoE. Their primary targets are heroes locked-down by their counterpart, Volts, but other heroes within the cone can be damaged as well.

They're normally spawned after a Volt, so the target cannot escape the damage.


"Two drones protect each magmatic brute one exhaling explosive gases that engulf foes in flame..." — Magmatic Brute's lore


  • Cinders belong to unique enemy sub-class, unofficially called "Spawns", meaning they're exclusively summoned by other enemies. In this case, Magmatic Brutes.
  • Cinders' attacks are very similar to Char's unused squad ability, Plasma Spray, which was later replaced by Fiery Eruption.

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