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The Charging Brute

Charging Brutes are tripedal Bio Minions that are exclusively found on the planet Verdanth. They attack primarily by charging at heroes, usually the closest one, but may also charge at the furthest.


Charging Brutes are tough minions to deal with, not only because they apparently have higher health than most minions, but also because they can deal a decent amount of damage when they charge. But at close range, they'll simply use a basic melee attack.

To deal with multiple Brutes, you may want to use an ability such as Maldri's Probability Assault squad ability , so when they hit you or are hit by you, they'll be given a disabling debuff. This will make them much easier to deal with.

Another possibility is to use Arakna's Phantom Burst unique ability, which at full strength can easily kill any incoming Brutes before they can reach you.

Since these Brutes can close-in quite quickly when they charge, an AoE slow such as the Quantum variant ability Time Bubble can be very effective against them, as it can severely reduce their speed and make them easier targets.

One could also use Sage's Strangling Briars squad ability to both slow them down and deal damage to them. However, actually using Sage himself against Charging Brutes is ill-advised, because both are Bio-genetic, meaning Sage will automatically be Critically struck by the already high damage of their charge.


  • The Charging Brute's lore is unknown due an error in its profile on, which is displayed only as "???0x7035c5c7!0X8044CA60.DESCRIPTION_KEY???".
  • Charging Brutes are somewhat similar to Frogs and Toads, both in appearance and ability. This may indicate that they were descended from amphibious creatures, but that is currently unknown.