• Onslaught Variant: Cannonator
  • Apocalypse Variant: Omega Canonator

Cannonators are small Quantum Minions from Zelem's Nexus. At long range, they fire a large but slow-moving projectile. At close range, they attack with a basic melee swipe. These are some of the first enemies encountered in Darkspore.


Mutated from a soldier class on Zelem's Nexus, Cannonators are sentient bipeds fused directly with their weaponry. Their arm cannons deploy slow projectiles inflicting devastating damage. If pressed into close-quarters combat, Cannonators resort to hand-to-hand attacks.


Cannonators, like all minions, usually appear in large numbers and are comparatively weak. Cannonators can be killed with almost any attack, or you can use special abilities if you are surrounded by them.

At range, a group of Cannonators can lay down an impressive volley of projectiles at the player, so using the quantum variant ability Time Bubble can help delay the already slow projectiles enough to evade them. But be wary when using Quantum heroes, because Cannonators are of the same genesis-type and will deal double damage if you get hit.

But because their melee attacks are significantly weaker than their projectiles, engaging them in close-range combat is preferable. For this reason, Arborus would be a good choice, because his Thorn Bark passive would deflect their damage back at them, and his Splintering Cleave basic attack would make short work of them because it affects several targets simultainiously.


  • The Cannonator's name is a clear reference to their ranged attacks.
  • An early version of Cannonators was first seen in the Producer Diary #1: Squads, but was later changed to its current form. Apparently, this version actively switched between close and long range combat, whereas now it moves relatively little.
  • The cannonators' melee weapon is identical to Blitz betas starting weapon.

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