• Creekee11

    All minions placed here were Legendaries. Other enemies aren't included except Bosses.

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  • Evex-Wolfwing

    Remember everything you have learned. Take this game with you, in your heart, as you move forwards. 

    This is the first game I every really played as a "gamer", the first time I was involved in the online community for a game. It was an amazing experience, and this game is also, in part, why I am currently studying Game Design. 

    I remember the first time I killed the Corruptor. The way Arcturus crawled after you beat him. The dances. The Tork/Skar/Zrin combo, in all it's glory. The dread in my gut when I saw a Ghostly Fragbot Mech, or a Reflective Shade Drifter. Mowing enemies down with Titan. The time every single person was kicked back to the lobby for no reason, and we all started screaming in chat, and blaming Maxis for spilling coffee on…

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  • Evex-Wolfwing

    "1st December 2015: Today, we are announcing that we will be closing the doors on Darkspore, effective March 1st, 2016. It’s been a great run and we hope that you have enjoyed your time with Darkspore. While it can be hard to say goodbye, keep in mind there are tons of awesome games available for free on Origin. Enjoy 48-hours of fun with Game Time titles such as The Sims 4 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare or download the latest Origin On the House release and add it to your library. 

    There is always something great to play on Origin and we hope to see you in another game very soon! "

    Announcement on the Forums

    Figured I should post it here.

    Welp, it was a good run, guys. I for one had lots of fun with this game, and I hope you all did to…

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  • GreatVaseline

    Осталась ли хоть горстка игроков русскоязычного соообщества DS? Если ещё не подохли - пополняйте ряды, будет только легче и веселее!

    З.Ы. -  ваш лвл значения не имеет, будем рады всем и вся!

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  • Blitz, the Storm Striker

    Hello everybody!

    How has your week been? Know anything about scince that you think I don't? Tell me!

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  • ThaChompyLeader


    November 20, 2014 by ThaChompyLeader

    Does anyone here still play Darkspore? I know it's not up for sale on Steam anymore, but the server is still online and I still own it.

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  • 94Connor949

    Image Tooltips

    April 14, 2014 by 94Connor949

    I'm trying out some image tooltips on the wiki, so this is where I'm gonna be testing them at. That is all.

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  • AlfclareDragonLover123

    i think darkspre is a cool game well done maxis for the game

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  • Gulgolet2000


    January 6, 2014 by Gulgolet2000
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  • Evex-Wolfwing

    We should all read this

    December 23, 2013 by Evex-Wolfwing

    Know that this game is still loved.

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  • Fungus3


    June 16, 2013 by Fungus3

    We have a MAJOR Problem! Error 3 has infected the Servers again! Since Maxis has DITCHED Darkspore AND Spore, we are forced to suffer under its influence! If anyone knows how to fix this fatal error, please tell the community!

    Forum Topic

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  • 94Connor949

    These are just some icons I made for Environmental Objects, not for any particular reason, just because I wanted to see what I'd come up with. This is what I have so far:

    Icon Object Planet
    Gravitic Stabilizer Zelem's Nexus
    Gravitic Regulator Zelem's Nexus
    Nightmare Vines Nocturna
    Necrotic Plant Nocturna
    Plasmic Seed Nocturna
    Ancient Totem Verdanth
    Toxicactus Verdanth
    Ecostabilizer Cryos
    Disfunctional Ecostabilizer Cryos
    Toxic Fungus Cryos
    Plasma Jet Cryos, Infinity
    Toxic Waste Infinity
    Fuel Canister Infinity
    Factory Pipe Infinity
    Warp Totem Scaldron
    Contagion Pustule Scaldron
    Scaldron Plant Scaldron
    Life Guard DB's Palace
    Bio Incubator DB's Palace
    Barrier Spawner DB's Palace Read more >
  • 94Connor949

    Finally Back!

    February 18, 2013 by 94Connor949

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've been away from Darkspore Wiki for quite some time. The reason? Well, my computer suddenly stopped working, and it just hasn't been in the budget to get a new one.

    But finally, I have a new computer now, and I can get back to contributing to Darkspore Wiki (at least when I have time).

    So... what Hero Strategy page are we up-to now?

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  • SkyTheVirus

    I can't stand having to deal with this problem for months... I don't even know when I can do any more edits to the wiki. Since ther is no fix to this problem... I might hope for the best when I can be able to go in... evemtually...

    SkySlayer3217 (talk) 01:34, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Matvakama

    I'm really sick of people adding Strategy Pages to Categories to which they don't belong.


    Second: The Characters & Classes Category does not belong to Strategy pages, it's for character pages, not gameplay tips.

    Thank you.

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  • Sporedude105

    i want to say sorry to all that i have offended or pissed off. if you want the full apology, see my message wall.

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  • SkyRider3217

    Gona go for it!

    April 25, 2012 by SkyRider3217

    I have been thinking that since i like darkspore and have a hoby of drawing and making picture, I am going to the challenge in drawing all heros(all varients), enemies, bosses, etc.

    Though I am also working on the pictures for the Fanfiction Wiki[ Blog Post ] and it would be at least a 110+ picture job (which would take about months to finish) but I'll try my best. ^FD^

    Sage, the Life Forester

    Still in progress...

    Goliath, the Energy Guardian

    Tork, the Fungal King

    Jinx, the Dark Reaper

    Arakna, the Soul Collector

    Seraph-XS, the Infiltrator

    Wraith, the Spectre of Vengeance

    Nashira, the Shadow Void

    [Picture in progress...]

    Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator

    Orcus, the Devourer of Life

    Merak, the Devastator

    [Picture in progress...]

    Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colo…

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  • Evex-Wolfwing

    Darkspore Template

    March 22, 2012 by Evex-Wolfwing

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  • ChaseOddessey12

    I have been thinking for awhile now on how games usually have francise and I was wondering, "Heck, why not darkspore?" So i thought for a little while longer and decided to make a graphing novel loosely based on the game. I could use all the evidece i can get on each hero's personality, and have started sketching down ideas for it. I already have a rough illustration of the cover art for vol. 1, and when i have finished ill send a letter to EA and Maxis to request permission to publish.

    just a thought.

    (I would appreciate feedback)

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  • ChaseOddessey12

    sorry this was an accident. The other, Graphic Novel Francise is the one you want to see.

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  • Matvakama

    List of Captains

    March 9, 2012 by Matvakama

    I decided to do a list of all recorded Captains (mini-bosses) in Darkspore. This is what I eventually ended up with. NOTE: This page is still under construction!

    Name & Title Enemy Type Planet & Sector Affixes Image
    Illust, the Accelerator Haster Zelem's Nexus, Floating Isles Swift, Swift Aura

    Zunh, the Singularity Void Warp Spawner Zelem's Nexus, Gnarled Plateau Shifted, Shifted Aura

    Mikella, the Temporal Impeder Decelerator Zelem's Nexus, Outer Ring Frenzied, Frenzied Aura

    Edict, the Insidious Mastermind Magnetic Master Zelem's Nexus, Chaos Fields Ghostly, Unstoppable

    Mizod, the Life Leech Necrotic Leech Nocturna, Twilight Summit Spiky, Spiky Aura

    Khoo, the Unseen Pterodyne Nocturna, Shadowglades Reflective, Swift

    Kane, the Chief Cannibal Carrion Shambler …

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  • Crogenitor Talos

    Hello! This blog is focused on your favorite/hated enemies on Darkspore! Feel free to comment and list your favorite enemies or hated ones. There will also be other categories for enemies such as cutest and most annoying.

    Cutest Enemy

    Funniest Enemy

    Worst Enemy

    Weakest Enemy

    Strongest Enemy

    • 1: Squad Brawler
    • 2: Dread Root
    • 3: Pyrachnid
    • 4: Draining Simian
    • 5: Reparatron

    • 1: Dimensionist
    • 2: Electron Burster
    • 3: Strontium Fist
    • 4: Parasitic Thresher
    • 5: Vaulting Amphiod

    • 1: Ragetusk
    • 2: Decelerator
    • 3: Hover-Bots
    • 4: Animus
    • 5: Kinetic Mines

    • 1: Volt and Cinder
    • 2: Vampiric Leaper
    • 3: Caustic Stinger
    • 4: Laser Unit
    • 5: Haster
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  • Lordoflightning


    January 13, 2012 by Lordoflightning

    uh i dunno wat to say

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  • 94Connor949

    As most probably know, the 'Achievement' function is enabled on the wiki. So far, it seems to have gone-over well. But, I would like to further customize the current achievements to better fit DarksporeWiki.

    At the moment though, admin customization of Achievements is limited to:

    • Changing the Names & Pictures of achievements. (excluding frames)
    • Creation of category-based achievements.
    • Activation/Deactivation of certain achievement tracks.

    So, with what I can currently work with, Any suggestions?

    For a list of current achievements, see User blog:Matvakama/The badge list.

    Now, I have suggested to Wikia the option to: change the frames of Achievements (w/ MB limit); reposition the frame relative to the picture; zoom-in/zoom-out/flip/rotate the pictur…

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  • Matvakama

    Names for Variants

    December 10, 2011 by Matvakama




    So, yeah, I decided to give names for variants of different heroes, beacuse I simply didn't wanna call them for example: Sage Beta, Skar Delta etc.

    Quick explanation:

    - First row: Variant

    - Second row: Name

    - Third row: Name explanation

    - Fourth row: Why?

    Here's the list:

    - Zrin Beta

    - Name: Flammad

    - His name which is a play on "flame".

    - A reference to his Flame Surge Variant Ability.

    - Zrin Gamma

    - Name: Ascorch

    - The name is composed of words "ash" and "scorched".

    - A reference to his ash-like texture.

    - Zrin Delta

    - Name: Flareton

    - The words: "flare" and "ton", in essence meaning: "A ton of …

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  • Evex-Wolfwing


    Genesis Class from Planet.



    NOTE: The following stats include [name] non-modified primary stats: Green represents the highest stats; Red represents the lowest.

    Variant Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
    Crogen. Unlock LvL N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Health N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Power N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Strength N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Dexterity N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Mind N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Dodge Rating N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Resist Rating N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Critical Rating N/A N/A N/A N/A

    NOTE: Due to varying stats between variants, some of their abilities are slightly different. Any of these differences are diplayed going in order of variant, being separated by a Forward Slash (/).

    Cast: [type]
    Range: [xx] meter(s)
    Cooldown: [x.x] second(s)


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  • Evex-Wolfwing

    Hero Strategy Pages

    September 18, 2011 by Evex-Wolfwing

    An idea I had a while ago for the Darkspore Forum. It was decided that it would not work there, due to matinence requirements. However, I feel that this Wiki is perfect for such an endevor.

    Each Hero would have his or her own page detailing strategy. Good squadmates, the differant variants, when to use them, when NOT to use them, ect...

    Now assuming the higher ups here don't have a problem with this, I feel it would be a great idea.

    So, thoughts?

    EDIT 9-20-11: Skar has been made. Making a list... now.

    EDIT 10-22-11: Sage has been finished, much later than he should have been.

    EDIT 10-23-11: Orion is complete.

    EDIT 11-2-11: Seraph-XS is complete. Tork has been elected to go last.

    EDIT: 11-4-11: Char is complete. A pattern has been established: Sent…

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  • 94Connor949

    Ravatron, the Blade-fury, is a Cyber Ravager from a yet-to-be-named cybergenesis planet. He's heavily focused on quick melee damage, as his name suggests. He's undergone a few recent changes.


    Ravatron's weapons are the blades fixed in place of his hands. As such, he doesn't have Hands and his Weapons will add Attack Speed.

    Default Drop-loot Cashout Apoc Cashout Apoc

    Ravatron specializes in dealing plenty of physical damage very quickly. Alone, he could make short-work of a group of Minions or a Lieutenant.

    Any hero that also deals physical damage would be benefited greatly in Co-op. Ravatron would also benefit from more supportive heroes, such as Sentinels and Tempests, because his abilities are …

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  • Zehchromium

    Avatar rating

    August 23, 2011 by Zehchromium

    on a darkspore forums thread centered around avatar ratings, mine got 10/10.

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  • IceBite

    I have now created a Fanfiction Wiki for Darkspore. I would like some help setting it up. If some of this wiki's more active or high-ranking members could help, I'll set you up to get to work. Please help me make this place a wiki where people can create new Darkspore Fanficiton.

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  • Matvakama

    The badge list

    August 19, 2011 by Matvakama

    So yeah, I've been thinking for a while about the badges and I finally decided to make a list over all badges.

    Here's the list:

    • Making a Difference
      • Bronze (10 points) for making 1 edit on a page!
    • Just the Beginning
      • Bronze (10 points) for making 5 edits on pages!
    • Making Your Mark
      • Bronze (10 points) for making 10 edits on pages!
    • Friend of the Wiki
      • Silver (50 points) for making 25 edits on pages!
    • Collaborator
      • Silver (50 points) for making 50 edits on pages!
    • Wiki Builder
      • Silver (50 points) for making 100 edits on pages!
    • Wiki Leader
      • Gold (100 points) for making 250 edits on pages!
    • Wiki Expert
      • Gold (100 points) for making 500 edits on pages!

    • Snapshot
      • Bronze (10 points) for adding 1 picture to a page!
    • Paparazzi
      • Bronze (10 points) for adding 5 pictures to pages!
    • Illus…

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  • IceBite

    Darkspore Fanfiction

    August 17, 2011 by IceBite

    I really think there should be a wiki for Darkspore Fanfiction. Things that yo could make there could range from Made-Up Crogenitors to Made-Up Genetic Heroes to Made-Up Darkspore. Anyone agree that a Darkspore Fanfiction Wiki would be fun? I'd really appreciate your opinions.

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  • Matvakama

    So yeah...


    I must have some sort of ADHD about Darkspore. Here's what I did:

    • I'm writing a list over all weapons the heroes have.
    • I made 41 new heroes (Sharps included).
    • Made new planets. (Can be seen on Liquid Ink's talk page "The sequel thingy")
    • Made a list of the order in which i shall unlock heroes. (I'm serious.)
    • Remade the Galactic Map in which I added the new planets.
    • Made my own Corruptor design.
    • I'm writing a Fantasy novel as an unfinished school project, that is loosely based off of Darkspore.

    But now back to the theme: I'm stuck on Onslaught's Terminal Haven (4-2) and I'm on Crogenitor Level 15.

    That would be it...for now.

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  • K Bee

    Enemy Variants!

    June 13, 2011 by K Bee

    Well, here I will put the enemy variants to discover (Sorry, Google Traductor):

    • Toxiraptor, Ravaging Toxiraptor
    • Tentacler, Retractile Tentacler, Ungulating Tentacler
    • Caustic Stinger, Whiz Stinger, Darting Stinger
    • Dread Root
    • Charging Brute
    • Thorn Triped
    • Rapid Slasher
    • Protoplasm, Engorging Protoplasm
    • Phatogenic Vegevore, Contagion Vegevore,
    • Swarming Herbipod, Amassing Herbipod, Clustering Herbipod
    • Menace Weed, Jackal Weed
    • Acid Shell, Caustic Shell, Scalding Shell
    • Botanical Tunneler, Herbaceous Tunneler, Phytovoric Tunneler
    • Mending Tanglid, Rejuvenating Tanglid
    • Hypno Mantis, Razor Mantis, Sabre Mantis
    • Ragetusk, Punishing Ragetusk
    • Pouncing Stalker, Pouncing Devourer, Pouncing Hunter
    • Vaulting Amphiod

    • Reparatron
    • Dynoshpere, Hurtling Dynosphere, Rolling Dynosphere
    • Exp…

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  • Matvakama

    1st post evah.

    May 22, 2011 by Matvakama

    My first blog. Well, let's get started.

    Although I'm pretty new to this Wiki, I've been contributing for several months:

    • I wrote in most of the mini-bosses
    • Created the list over the Enviromental Objects
    • Done some correcting in grammar/spelling
    • Added some enemies to the list
    • And mainly that's it. (I call the player Crogenitor per "Cozem".)

    But there's one thing i don't get. Although I didn't have an account for that time I noticed all of my contributions were set on different "wikia contibutor" accounts. How did this actually happen? Was it that I was editing from different computers or what?

    P.S. I'm serious with this.

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