In-game Blazer.

Blazers are small, slow-moving Plasma Minions, encountered during the boss-battle with Merak. Merak will summon subsequent Blazers as he takes more damage.

Blazers' have only one attack, but it's an effective one: As they move around the battlefield, they leave behind plasma-trails that will Burn heroes who touch them, making Blazers very dangerous if left unchecked.

Strategy Edit

Their main goal is to walk around the field spreading their plasma trail, so it's a good idea to kill them before you are engulfed in fire. But blazers do not fight back, and they have no more health than a regular minion, so killing them isn't that much of a problem. However, focusing on the Blazers rather then Merak is quite dangerous, as Merak will continuously attack you. This means dealing with Blazers would be much easier in co-op. But killing them will sometimes drop Health and Power capsules as well as recharge your Overdrive.

The 'Immune to being burned by Darkspore' secondary stat renders Blazers completely harmless.


  • Blazers only have one variant because it is a spawned minion. Their other variants were created, but never used.
  • Blazers are a sub-class of Minions, called Spawns. As the name suggests, they are spawned by an other Darkspore, Merak in this case. There are only a few spawned enemies, the others are Orcus' 'Biosoids', and Magmatic Brutes' 'Volt' and 'Cinder'.

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