A Blastopod from Onslaught.

  • Onslaught Variant: Blastopod

Blastopods are Cyber Minions from Infinity. These tripedal Darkspore utilize rocket launchers to send fast-traveling homing missiles towards their targets, which are nearly impossible to outrun.


When the Darkspore invaded Infinity, they granted the mech-defense units called Blastopods a special mutation. That mutation allowed blastopods to metabolize numerous pollutants to become extremophilic killing machines. The slow moving Blastopods adapted themselves to shooting medium range homing projectiles at anything that stood against them. They can do so only while stationary.


Their missiles are practically impossible to evade and have a fairly long range, making them very hazardous in larger numbers. So the best way to deal with Blastopods would be utilizing quick attacks and fast heroes to kill them off before they've dealt too much damage. However, they must remain immobile in order to shoot, and they don't fire them very quickly, so ranged heroes such as Tempests can pick them off from a distance while taking relatively little damage.

Andromeda's Gamma variant would be very effective against Blastopds, because she could use her Repulsion Sphere squad to deflect their missiles back at them, and she could also slow-down their projectiles with her Time Bubble variant ability.

Wraith's Ghostform squad ability would also be helpful, because it would cause their missiles to simply pass-through the user, making these emeies completely harmless.


  • Blastopods were first revealed in Skar's Hero Spotlight video. They weren't seen again until Orion's spotlight, when they were used to demonstrate the fact that he could completely outrun their fast homing missiles.

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