Blasting Fiend minion

In-Game Onslaught variant of a Blasting Fiend.

Nashira supported by Tusked Lamprey or Blasting Fiends

A nearly version of Nashira fighting Arakna on the planet Nocturna, while aided by Tusked Lampreys.

  • Onslaught Variant: Blasting Fiend
  • Invasion Variant: Dark Fiend
  • Apocalypse Variant: Shadow Fiend

Blasting Fiends (originally called Tusked Lampreys) are small Necro Minions from Nocturna, they attack with ranged projectiles at foes.

Nashira summons these minions when in battle.


Indigenous to the nightmare world of Nocturna, the blasting fiend is a revolting predator. Covered in sword-sharp horns, the beast possesses a repugnant mouth-hole ringed with fangs. Forget its small size: even from a distance, the creature is deadly, capable of murdering its target with slow-moving necrotizing blasts from its inexhaustible lysogenic pustules.


Blasting Fiends are encountered on many battlefields, usually in large groups like most minions. Similar to Cannonators, if they are ignored they can lay down an impressive amount of projectiles at there foes. The fiends will also strafe between blasts to throw heroes off guard and keep them guessing.

Dealing with blasting fiends can be quick and easy with the right precautions. First, never charge into a group of fiends, because it will be harder to chase them around the battlefield with their constant movement. It is wiser to stay from a distance with a ranged hero and attack from afar.

Nashira also summons Blasting Fiends in battle for support. They are summoned when she launches a bomb at the hero and when it crashes into the ground a blasting fiend will rise up from the remains. This can be deadly, because if Nashira and her doppelgangers are all throwing these bombs at you, and you'll be in a lot of trouble. Though it has an upside, because the fiends will drop Health and Power capsules and recharge your Overdrive, which can help players to finish-off Nashira and her mirror versions. Killing the 'true' Nashira will also kill any the fiends that are still alive.


Blasting Fiend

The Blasting Fiends' unused design as a Necro Lieutenant.

  • Blasting Fiends were originally called "Tusked Lampreys" in a Spore Template Challenge. Because of this Template Challenge, Elite versions of Blasting Fiends will use the winning entries' models as their appeara

    A Special Blasting Fiend. The translucent appearance is due to a Ghostly or Shifted Affix.

  • Blasting Fiends are incorrectly labeled as Lieutenants on, and have a very different appearance than the ones in-game. (see image, right)

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