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In-game Biosoid.

Biosoids are small plant-like Bio Minions that aid Orcus in battle against opposing heroes. Orcus summons Biosoids to fight heroes or for them to sacrifice themselves to Orcus for him to regain health.


Biosoids are similar in appearance to Menace Weeds, who attack with rapid-thorn shots, while Biosoids go into melee combat. Orcus will summon Biosoids as soon as the boss fight begins. Focusing on Biosoids is hard enough with the giant Orcus to worry about, but Biosoids don't have alot of health and can be killed within a couple attacks.

The only time you have to worry about Biosoids is when Orcus calls them to sacrifice themselves. Prevent the Biosoids from reaching Orcus or he will regain health by devouring his own servants. Use abilities such as Sage's Strangling Briars to slow down the Biosoids and finish them off with a Shockwave and Arc Weld combo from Goliath. You can use a similar strategy with the Time Bubble variant ability combined with Wraith's Death's Embrace. Wraith's attack with scare the Biosoids away from Orcus, and Orcus himself will be put into a panicked state.


  • For some reason, when using abilities that Frighten in an AoE, (e.g. Wraith's Death's Embrace), Biosoids ignore this and continue to get eaten by Orcus.
  • Biosoids are one of only a few kinds of "Spawns", (unique enemies that occur only when summoned by certain enemies). The others are Merak's Blazers, and Magmatic Brutes' 'Volt' and 'Cinder'.
  • Unlike other enemies, Biosoids have the same variant for each difficulty mode. This applies for the other "spawn" enemies, too.

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