Lieutenant arachnostriker var1

An Arachno Striker.

  • Invasion Variant: Arachno Despair
  • Apocalypse Variant: Archno Terror

Arachno Strikersare spider-like Necro Lieutenants, they sometimes appear on Zelem's Nexus or Verdanth. They can launch a ghostly duplicate of themselves towards the player, and attack from melee range.


Previously gentle creatures, the transfected Arachno Strikers use their acute vision to target their homing doppelgangers. Arachnos deploy their doppelgangers at low speed, and only when forced do they engage in physical combat. The degradation of their species is yet one more case of the galactic tragedy of Darkspore conquest.


They can launch a slow moving, but homing ghostly projectile that resembles a ghostly duplicate of them. This "doppelganger" will do very little damage, but it terrifies the target. Terrified heroes will try to run away mindlessly, but this time Arachno Strikers show their second ability; they will chase after running heroes, and when they reach them, they will attack from melee range.

To take care of Arachno Strikers effectively use attacks that disrupt them from summoning their ghostly duplicates, such variant abilities as Plasma's Meteor Strike or Quantum's Celestial Comet will work fine, or use Andromeda's squad ability Repulsion Sphere to deflect the duplicate.


  • Arachno Strikers was shown first in Maxis' video of the Darkspore Editor.
    Arachno Striker

    Arachno Strikers on Verdanth.

  • Arachno Strikers were originally a template creation made by MaxisCactus. There were two original versions of this, "Arachno Striker Template", and "Arachno Striker Template Non CC" ('Non CC' means that it is not using the Creepy & Cute parts pack, an expansion pack from the game Spore). However, no Template Challenge was made, and current Arachno Strikers are instead made by Maxis.
  • Arachno Strikers carry a close manifestation of Wrath, which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.