Lieutenant animus var1

Onslaught variant of the Animus.

  • Onslaught Variant: Animus

Animi are Necro Lieutenants found on Nocturna. They have the ability to resurrect dead enemies, even if they have been critically-vaporized, which makes their resurrecting properties different from any other enemy.


Seeded on Nocturna, the genetically-modified animi survived primarily on a diet of each other. Ironically, they also possess ability to resurrect their recently-killed kin, and between resurrections, they flee while launching ghostly projectiles. Animi slaughter their victims from a distance with their spectray. Despite their cannibalism, animi possesses sufficient intelligence to use tools, and to employ and revise their attack strategies.


The ectoplasmic projectiles an Animus can launch at you will deal heavy damage if it hits you. They also are generally hard to it because they will strafe between shots. Therefore, the best way to kill these enemies is to use a hero with homing attacks like Meditron or SRS-42, that way, the player can constantly dodge their attacks while their attacks are sure to hit the Animus itself.

Another hero that could be used against them is Seraph-XS. Once her passive ability activates, Seraph can walk up to an Animus undetected and unleash a powerful attack such as any of her variant abilities except for Omni-Shield (which doesn't deal damage, just prevents damage done to you). If that doesn't finish off the Animus right away, a few hits from her basic attack is sure to defeat the lieutenant before it can fire another attack.

Worst case scenario with this enemy is that should encounter multiple Animi working together, because if one is killed, the other will merely resurrect it. To combat this, the player should try to lure one away from its companions, kill it, and quickly move on to the others, giving them no time to revive their fallen comrade. Another, less efficient tactic is to try to kill all of them at once with an AOE attack.


  • Animus are referred to in plural as "Animi" in their description. This is due to the Latin root of animus, with the ending -us being the male singular ending. The ending of -i denotes plural.
  • "Animus" means soul in Latin, but coincidentally, it also sounds somewhat like Anubis (the Egyptian god of death).
  • In the Spore Template Challenge, they were called "Clawed Spectres".
  • Like the other Necro Lieutenants, it is based off one of the Seven Deadly Sins. In the case of the Animus, it is Pride.